Feather Brows: New Obsession and Beauty Trend 2017

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There are so many wonderful and crazy ideas offered by Instagram and Pinterest users. Some beauty trends come from bloggers and quickly become popular among millions of users. Have you seen the newest eyebrow feathers idea yet?

Feather Brows Trend started by Stella Sironen | Image of Peacock Feather EyeBrows

Feather Eyebrows

Yay, peacock feather eyebrows images are all over Insta. Celebs and beauty queens are now brushing and decorating their brows to look like bird feathers. Is this a new questionable trend 2017? It surely is.

Who has created this glamour style? The unusual peacock eyebrow phenomenon started with the idea introduced by Stella Sironen aka @stella.s.makeup. She is a makeup artist from Finland. The new look brought by Sironen has immediately become a new online trend.

Beauty stars from all over the world quickly followed the idea and began to part their brows horizontally to resemble a peacock feather (experts advise using some brow gel or a glue stick).

Gold Feather Brow Fashion Trend | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Some Instagram users like Jewel Flash Tattoos also decided to implement similar makeup style into live using metallic gold peacock feather tattoos. While the Finnish artist created the look by adding pastel eyeshadows of blue and pink to pair with colorful mascara and brows reminding of a bird’s feather, we applied temporary tattoo to the brow.

What do you think about our recreation? We won’t surely wear such style everyday. It’s just a new fashion trend like sparkling metallic tattoo freckles or gold lips. It migrates across social networks and allows each of us have some fun.

It was most likely intended as a joke but the list of feather brow style followers is so big now that you could also follow the spring 2017 trend and add some glue or metallic feather tattoo to make your brow resemble of a peacock.

P.S. Tag @jewel_flash_tattoos if you decide to make your brow resemble a peacock gold feather with the help of temporary metallic tattoos and share your creation on Instagram.

Are you also on the joke? Do you take the cute brow trend seriously? Will you take a selfie of your personal makeup to feature #featherbrows this year? Please share your opinion in the comments below.


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