Fancy Gold Easter Eggs: Metallic Tattoos as Egg Decorating Ideas

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Do you know how to create glam Easter eggs on your own? We’ll share a simple DIY guide. Anyone who is bored with ordinary colorful designs can add some sparkles to their boiled eggs. Simply use Jewel Flash Tattoos and your art will look like a masterpiece.

Colorful and gold Easter eggs decorating by Jewel Flash Tattoos | photo

Easter Egg Decorating

Let’s think of the designs we could use. Cute Jewel Flash Tattoos with Cat Paw Prints seem like an interesting and fresh idea. Fantasy kitty leaves her cute gold paw prints on the Easter egg. Doesn’t it sound unique? Or let’s choose a big Gold Mandala tattoo to create a real holiday decoration. Any metallic tattoo (gold or silver, boho or modern) works perfectly well because foil stickers make anything shine so brightly you’ll love the end result.

Cute Easter eggs decorated with gold metallic tattoos | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Supplies for Tattooed Eggs:

  • Several boiled eggs, white or brown (color doesn’t matter much)
  • A cup of cold water
  • Sponges
  • A pair of scissors
  • A towel
  • Jewel Flash metallic tattoos

White and brown Easter eggs with gold metallic tattoos decor | Image

How to Decorate Easter Eggs with Tattoos

Step 1. Boil eggs and let them cool down. There is no need to leave them in the fridge. Just wait for about 30 minutes and you can start decorating your Easter masterpieces.

Step 2. Cut tattoo sheets into multiple designs. It is better to use small stickers instead of big tattoos because it could be difficult to press the big tattoo against the small slippery egg.

Step 3. Carefully dry the egg and your hands with a towel.

Step 4. Peel the protective plastic film off your small tattoo and position it on your egg surface. Think of the best place for the design to go and once you decided everything hold your fingers firmly against the tattoo (it should be placed face-down) and use the sponge to soak the back of the tattoo with water. Wait for 20-30 seconds.

Step 5. Remove the paper from your egg and use your fingers to carefully smooth tattoo edges if needed.

Step 6. Complete the same guide for all the Easter eggs you were planning to make glam and sparkling.

Easter eggs with Mandala, butterfly and cat paw prints metallic tattoos | photo

Sometimes you might try following a different instruction. Instead of drying your egg and hands you can soak both tattoo and egg in water before applying pretty Jewel Flash Tattoos. You can try both methods to find which one guarantees a smoother design application.

What comes first, egg or chicken? I know the answer now. Metallic tattoos always come first when you think about fashion. Then you think of upcoming Easter and finally get eggs to decorate them in the most unusual way, with gold and silver body stickers.

Aren’t they looking good now?

Easter egg with gold metallic Mandala tattoo design | photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Have you ever tried to decorate your Easter eggs with temporary tattoos? Share your experience and ideas in the comments below.


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