How to Protect Temporary Tattoos While Tanning

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Summer is the perfect time for experiments. The trend that started a couple of years ago continues in 2017 and you can wear temporary tattoos with your cute outfits, swimming suits, look hot and shine brightly under the sun.

Flash Tattoo Protection

Waterproof metallic gold and silver skin stickers are easy to apply and are popular at the pool parties. They remind of sparkling pieces of jewelry, but they last for several days only so it becomes important to take care of your tattoo when tanning.

Each metallic tattoo looks so pretty the first day you apply it on your skin. This sparkle will fade a bit after a couple of days. It could fade quicker if you don’t know how to protect tattoo stickers from tan sprays and oily substances.

Summer protection for Jewel Flash Tattoos | photo

What can damage your cute design?

  • UV tanning
  • sprays
  • soap
  • oil creams
  • oil skin
  • wrong application

Let’s talk more about all these factors that could influence your fashion and style and shorten the life of a temporary tattoo.

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Protect Flash Tattoos When Tanning

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to wear a colorful tattoo or metallic image, it is best not to use UV light over it too much. The color can fade quicker under direct natural and artificial ultraviolet rays.

If you don’t want to damage your sticker that fast, you should spend more time under the water or hide in shadows. If you happen to burn your skin you’ll also damage your tattoo because the burnt area will itch and should be covered with sunscreen lotion and special creams. All these substances and rubbing your skin can completely remove your transferable tattoo.

Wearing clothes over your fake tattoo is also not a good idea as this way the image will be removed much faster.

Temporary colorful tattoos and tanning protection | Photo

Protect Transferable Tattoos from Tan, Sunblock, Sunscreen Lotion and Sprays

While sunblocks are must-have to protect your permanent tattoo ink from damage, you are not advised to cover your temporary metallic gold, silver or simple colorful tattoo with it. Do not spray anything on your skin where you already have a fake tattoo sticker.

Sunblock, sunscreen lotion and tan spray should not be applied on top of a Jewel Flash Tattoo because they can either remove it completely or partly. Do not moisturize the area with the tattoo, do not rub it and do not spray anything on top of it.

If you need to use spray tanning, sunscreen lotion or sunblock you should apply them before wearing the temporary tattoo sticker. Make sure to clean the area on your skin of any oils before you apply a fake tattoo. This way you’ll protect its color and brightness and make it last longer.

Apply Jewel Flash Tattoos Correctly

Please carefully follow our guide on how to wear and remove temporary gold, silver and colorful tattoos. This way you can make your pretty sticker last longer, look brighter and make you happy for up to 6 days.

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