Awesome National Donut Day Celebration

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There are many unusual holidays in the U.S. National Donut Day is one of them. This awesome holiday is celebrated on the first Friday of summer ever since 1938. Whoever is interested in celebrating a torus-shaped delicious piece of dough can wear temporary donut tattoos, doughnut-themed clothes and surely eat the sweetened baked goods.

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Doughnut Day History

Doughnut Girls were well-known during World War I. National Doughnut Day started as a fund raiser for The Salvation Army. It was a way to honor people who served donuts to American soldiers and help citizens who suffered during the Great Depression.

It was discovered that small canteens that also served as social centers could help soldiers. Such centers were named ‘huts’ and they provided different services including baking goods to men. The Salvation Army built such huts near its training centers in the USA and similar centers were created in France by U.S. volunteers. Two women, Helen Purviance and Margaret Sheldon, started to bake doughnuts and pies for soldiers and since this was a real hit, servicemen called them Donut Girls.
It is curious that Chicago still fundraises for the Salvation Army on the first Friday of June which is the National Doughnut Day.

The tradition to serve donuts to soldiers continued during the World War II. Red Cross female volunteers were often referred to as Doughnut Dollies.

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How Many Donut Holidays Are in U.S.

Donuts are fun to honor not only in the beginning of June. The list of similar holidays also includes the summer Jelly-Filled Donut Day and fall Buy a Donut Day as well as Cream-Filled Donuts. These are days when millions of people from all over the world can enjoy a donut officially. By the way, these baked goods are often offered for free in the United States but could still be charged for outside the country.

Ideas How to Celebrate

Taking part in National Doughnut Day celebrations should be much fun. You can apply the cute donut tattoo to match your holiday outfit, get a couple of baked dough and spend wonderful time with your family and friends.

Here are some ideas what you can do on June 2, 2017:

  • Wear a temporary donut tattoo on your wrist, shoulder, back or cheek
  • Find donut-themed t-shirt, hat, sunglasses or any other clothes / accessories
  • Volunteer for your local Salvation Army or any non-profit organization
  • Get a free doughnut or find a crazy deal for this delicious food
  • Cook donuts in oil in a helmet to honor soldiers

Doughnut plate with donuts and temporary donut tattoos Photo

What once was a real morale boost to soldiers has become a national tradition and symbol of loyalty and bravery. Could you imagine that nearly a hundred years ago now-popular donuts were cooked right in the metal helmets? Soldiers and volunteers often used helmets to ‘bake’ dough in the oil.

Nowadays most of us wouldn’t cook the donuts in the helmets, right? But you can visit your local coffee shop or bakery and get a delicious deal or ever a free donut to enjoy.


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