Gold Temporary Tattoos: Short History of Popular Metallic Tattoo Creation

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The history of amazing temporary tattoos dates back to early 20th century. No one can name the exact date when the first body sticker was printed. Those original image stickers were used as hidden surprises in bubble gums and various snacks. There were no long lasting temporary tattoos back then. All the stickers could be easily rubbed off skin as soon as they were placed.

Snack and toy makers were constantly using temporary tattoos to entertain kids and adults. Years passed by and companies managed to develop scented tattoos and later introduced screen printing method. The new long lasting temporary tattoos looked more realistic than ordinary images.

Gold Mandala Temporary Tattoo. Photo taken at BFloralNYC Event 08.18.2016

The high quality temporary tattoos caused growing demand for sparkling jewelry-inspired body stickers that looked impressive and worked perfectly well as affordable giveaways and stunning party favors. Companies started to create impressive temporary tattoos for kids, personalized tattoo stickers for well-known brands and individuals.

Bachelorette Tattoo Bride Besties Gold Metallic Sticker

The introduction of metallic gold and metallic silver tattoos made the jewelry-inspired stickers must-have for pool parties, birthdays, ad-campaigns, summer vacations, bachelorette parties and weddings. The release of bright neon and glow in dark temporary tattoos made these 2-6-day-lasting accessories perfect for night out and club events.

What are metallic tattoos made of? We’ll upset you if you are looking for magic metallic gold or silver ink. There is no such ink. However there is amazing screen printing process that requires thin foil or transfer film that helps your custom image ‘slide off’ paper right onto your skin once you add some water on top. The glue makes sure the tattoo stays on skin even if you take showers, go to the pool or swim in the ocean. Of course, even long lasting metallic tattoos are only decorative stickers that stay on for 2-6 days.

Pineapple Tattoo Temporary Metallic Gold Sticker

Today there are a lot of small and big companies that sell temporary tattoos that look real or shine brightly on skin giving you an illusion of expensive gold, white gold, rose gold and silver jewelry. You can find ready-to-buy designs at major retailers, online stores and high-fashion boutiques. The small designs and sheets with multiple bracelets [team bride tattoos, bachelorette tattoo stickers, cute animal tattoos, yoga stickers and all possible images] are extremely popular among kids, teenagers and adults.

Good temporary tattoos look impressive with any summer outfit. They are used as accessories to decorate skin and catch everyone’s attention. Metallic temporary tattoos sparkle brightly under the sunlight and look like little diamonds or real masterpieces of talented artists.

Wild Arrow Temporary Metallic Tattoos

Why do people love metallic tattoos? Such stickers are very easy to apply and fast to remove. You can read more about tattoo materials and find how to apply guide in FAQs section. Jewel Flash Tattoos is trying to improve modern stickers and bring bachelorette tattoos, love, summer and holidays designs to meet your needs and desires. We can also turn any hand drawn picture, vector image, logo, hashtag into custom temporary tattoo.

Modern high quality tattoos can be applied to any part of your body, including nails and hair. Use your imagination and rock with eye-catching jewelry-inspired temporary metallic or bright colorful tattoos!


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