What Pineapple Tattoos Really Mean

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Who hasn’t eaten a pineapple? This juicy fruit is really tasty. We all know that it has brownish skin, yellow sweet inside and a cute green ‘tail’ of leaves. Pineapples are popular among people who like to stay slim and healthy. This fruit looks cute and is recognized in many countries as a ‘welcome’ symbol. No wonder pineapples are so popular as decoration and tattoos.

What pineapple really means and symbolizes in USA and worldwide | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Pineapple Meaning

A lot of us associate pineapples with comfort and hospitality. This exotic oval fruit reminds of warmth (it is indeed grown in hot countries) and friendship. You can find various accessories and home decorations with pineapples with Welcome words next to or right under the image of the fruit.

Have you ever thought why a simple pineapple would get such an interesting meaning?

It all dates back to the 1493 when Europe found out about this fruit thanks to Christopher Columbus who traveled to the New World and returned with exotic gifts. The delicious taste and cute appearance quickly made pineapples demanded. Besides, it was really hard to grow the fruit in Europe since pineapples are used to tropical climate only and thus the popularity kept growing because everyone wanted to taste the rare and hard-to-find delicacy. Only wealthy families could afford it and pineapple truly became the symbol of wealth and hospitality.

Pineapple meaning as decor | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Pineapple as Decor

The gold, silver and colorful pineapple tattoos are extremely popular in 2017. This simple fruit is often added to ‘team bride’ tattoo designs or used individually. They look so cute on women wrist, shoulders, back and legs that even celebrities often choose to shine on with a pineapple as a temporary tattoo or permanent ink tattoo.

Modern t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts and other clothes also often feature pineapple print. You can find this fruit as house decor, in tech products etc.

This shouldn’t surprise you. Back in the 18th century pineapples were decorating architecture in Europe and America. They could be found in both exterior and interior. It is curious that not only rich mansions ordered sculptures and pineapple design but also churches and government for their official buildings.

Pineapples can still be found in ornaments, furniture and other design elements across the world, and specifically in the USA. It’s a way to invite and welcome guests.

Pineapple tattoo and pineapple fruit meaning to nations | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

What Does Pineapple Emoji Mean

Fruit emojis are popular among youth when it comes to expressing their emotions and feelings. Some web societies even choose a particular fruit to symbolize their relationship status. You can find out that cherries are used to say ‘I am in a relationship’ and blueberry stands for ‘single.’ Pineapples for some reason are chosen to express ‘complicated’ relationship.

In other words, modern youth knows how it feels being a cherry, blueberry or pineapple and how to express these feelings using emojis.

What pineapple delicacy means to people: hospitality | Photo by Jewel Flash Tattoos

What Does Pineapple Mean in Slang

You can meet pineapple and ananaz words that both describe the same fruit. The first word is used in the USA and the slang ‘ananaz’ word is recognized in European countries.

There is also a city Pine Apple in the United States that honors friendship and is often referred to as ‘Pineapple.’ You can find this sign of hospitality in Alabama hamlet and other state decor.

Pineapple is featured on Bahamian $1 stamp and 5 cents coin. There are also several songs devoted to this fruit, including Pineapple Head by Crowded House, Pineapple Express by Huey Lewis, Pineapple Rag by Scott Joplin and Pineapples by Sparks to name a few.

What pineapples mean, pineapple on coin and stamp | Image by Jewel Flash Tattoos

Spiritual Meaning of Pineapple

The tropical fruit still has its traditional meaning. Spiritually it symbolizes the hospitality of families, true friendship, diplomacy and openhandedness. It is especially an important symbol to southern states and warm areas.

The simple and cute symbol of friendliness, as you can see, has been universal for several centuries, ever since 15th century when pineapples were discovered by Columbus. So don’t be surprised when you discover how popular temporary pineapple tattoos are today.


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