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Jewel tattoo has become a popular accessory for hot summer days and beach parties. A lot of women and men as well as kids from all over the world like to wear temporary jewelry-inspired tattoo stickers that are easy to apply and fast to remove.

Temporary Tattoos for Adults

Temporary metallic tattoos are a perfect accessory for adults and children. A lot of women like to wear cute metallic gold and silver jewelry inspired designs at the beach. There are many men who also like to add some sparkles to their bodies.

Jewel Flash Tattoos has a big choice of hot tattoo designs you can choose from. You will find various design ideas on our site including shining gold foil bachelorette tats, pineapples, animal tattoos, rainbow sets, small tattoos and large sheets with multiple designs etc.

Fake Body Jewelry

Apply your new tattoo by adding some water and enjoy being stylish and sparkling for 2-6 days.

Remember that you can easily customize any tattoos to your taste and enjoy being unique at any party!