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We are Jewel Flash Tattoos, a small temporary tattoo shop based in Summit, New Jersey (USA).

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About Jewel Flash Tattoos


Our story began in May 2016. Back then, the two smiling mamas wished to make other women happy, stylish, sparkling, and shiny.

How is it possible to achieve? Add a silver jewelry sticker to your arm, apply a pretty metallic gold tattoo to your leg, or decorate your face with cute little easy-to-stick designs, and you will love your new look.

We get inspiration from our little kids, and we believe that Jewel Flash Tattoos can inspire you, make you feel happier, and let you shine bright every day of this beautiful life.

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Temporary Tattoo Designs


We have been working hard to create cute designs and impress you. We wish every adult who loves colorful or metallic jewelry stickers to look amazing with our beautiful rainbow hearts, metallic silver and gold pineapples, pink flamingos, and other sweet designs you can apply within minutes all over your body!

We are always happy to create custom temporary stickers for your celebration, party, or any special occasion.

Fake metallic silver and gold stickers are incredible jewelry-inspired accessories to wear at festivals, beach, wedding, and night out. Shining body stickers are also great for everyday life as they are so attention-catchy and go well with any outfit.

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Temporary Tattoo Safety

Our metallic gold and silver stickers are made from thin metallic foil of high quality.

Both metallic and colorful temporary tattoos quickly transfer to the skin. All you need to do is to pill of the plastic cover, apply the selected design to a dry place on your skin, add some water to the back of your sticker, and wait for about 30 seconds. Now you can enjoy your new fake jewelry for up to six days!

Exactly! Our temporary stickers last for 2-6 days depending on where and how they are placed, which gives you many opportunities to change your looks throughout the summer days and enjoy unique skin decorations the whole year-round.

All of our products are designed in the USA, packed with love, and shipped to you within three business days (Monday through Friday) from Summit, New Jersey, United States.


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Our Team

 Anastasia Dekantios / President, Creative Director 

Anastasia Dekantios

A happy mother of two beautiful kids, Anastasia loves sharing her passion for temporary jewelry with others. She is always excited to ship new tattoo stickers for your summer fun, bachelorette party, beach celebrations, and other special occasions.



Aliona Horielova / Vice President, Graphic Designer
Aliona Horielova 
A creative mother of an amazing little girl, Aliona enjoys turning new fantasies into incredible designs to make you happy! Do not fake metallic tattoos look sparkling on the skin? By the way, some creative customers love to apply our stickers to their hair and even… dog hair :)