Custom Temporary Tattoos

Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

Turn Any Logo or Image into Metallic Body Stickers

Anyone can turn his or her dream into custom temporary tattoos. Metallic gold and silver transferable stickers are not just for students, sororities and bachelorette parties. Fake body jewelry is widely used by big and well-known companies at their events and special occasions as promotions and gift bag favorites.

Creating custom metallic tattoos is super easy. Modern technologies let you make customized temporary tattoos that look real (if they are colorful) or stylish and sparkling (if you prefer metallic gold or silver foil color). Personalized Jewel Flash Tattoos always look so exciting!

Custom Temporary Flash Tattoos

Custom Tattoo Design

What custom tattoo designs can you create?

Anything, just ANYTHING can become a temporary tattoo. All you need is a high resolution image you wish to turn into a body sticker or an idea, 2.5-3 weeks of waiting and your shining metallic tattoos (or colorful stickers) will be delivered right to you. This is so simple!

You can also select from a variety of Jewel Flash Tattoos in-stock designs and our design team will be happy to customize or personalize these images for you.

All temporary tattoos are fast to apply, stylish to wear, safe for your skin and perfect to both companies and individuals.

It is possible to order custom metallic tattoos in any shape and size. Use your own artwork or order design service from Jewel Flash Tattoos.


Custom Tattoo Color Gold Silver CMYK

Custom Tattoo Colors

What colors can you choose?

Tattoo Ink Colors Available for Ordering:

  • metallic gold custom tattoos
  • metallic silver custom tattoos
  • metallic mix (gold and silver tattoos)
  • any CMYK color custom tattoos
  • Pantone color (including white henna tattoo option)
  • neon tattoos (pink, orange, yellow, green)
  • glow in the dark tattoos

Custom gold temporary tattoos are probably the most popular nowadays. Still more and more users are excited to create glow in the dark flash tattoos that look stunning at night clubs. Other colors (silver and CMYK) are popular as well.


Custom Tattoo Ideas

What images are popular among companies and individual customers?

Users are always happy to see their favorite hashtag, company logo as custom temporary tattoos or any other image that looks cute or impressive.

Bachelorette parties and weddings enjoy various ‘Team bride’, ‘Bride’s Besties’, ‘Bride’s Squad’ and ‘Bride’ themes for gift bags and guests.

Companies and individuals enjoy ‘Love’ script and heart-shaped tattoos for Valentine's Day parties.

Pineapple tattoos, dolphins, stars, palm trees, Hawaii flowers etc. are perfect for summer time.

Any idea that is on your mind can become a colorful or metallic custom tattoo.


Custom Tattoo Prices

The cost of custom tattoos depends on the quantity, size and colors. Minimum order is 500 pcs per design and color. It is possible to order almost any size starting from 1.5" x 2" sheet and up to 10" x 13" and even bigger.

Here is an example of custom temporary tattoo basic prices (shipping not included):

Color Quantity Size Cost

Metallic gold / silver

500 pcs 2" x 2"  $195
Metallic gold / silver 500 pcs 3" x 3"  $280
Metallic gold / silver 500 pcs 4" x 4"  $400
Metallic gold / silver 500 pcs 6" x 4"  $550
Metallic gold / silver 500 pcs 8" x 6"  $890


For custom tattoo price inquiries and orders, please email us.


How to Place Custom Tattoo Order:

Step 1. Provide your logo, image or text phrase you wish to turn into temporary tattoo stickers. Please email the high resolution image to

Step 2. Wait for the digital proof of your tattoos. Jewel Flash Tattoos design team will create a proof within 48 hours and email you the images.

Step 3. Confirm the front and back side of tattoos after getting a digital proof via email. Pay for your order.

Step 4. The printing takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

Step 5. Once your tattoos are ready we will ship your order to the address you provide via confirmed shipping method.


Are temporary tattoos safe?

Jewel Flash Tattoos are safe and non-toxic to wear on skin. Our metallic tattoos are made from thin foil, paper and glue. Tattoos pass safety standards for cosmetic products and meet all U.S. and international regulatory requirements. Please don’t apply tattoos near your eyes, to sensitive skin, and / or if you are allergic to adhesives.

What formats of images work best for custom tattoos?

Any high resolution image is good. Still it is better if you have Adobe Illustrator or PDF vector artwork. For colorful images, it is better if you let us know the HTML color name or Pantone number to make sure we match it.

Can I have more than 1 tattoo design per sheet?

Absolutely! If you are not a fan of pre-cut tattoos you can add multiple designs per sheet. Just make sure all your designs fit on the sheet and there is enough space between images for easy cut.

Do I need to flip the image?

Don’t worry about this and do not flip the image. Our design team will flip it before printing. If you have already mirrored the design, please let us know otherwise it will be ‘mirrored’ by our team.

How do I put on a temporary tattoo?

Please follow this step-by-step guide on how to wear and remove Jewel Flash Tattoos.



For all custom tattoo inquiries, please email us at: