Free Tattoo Sample

Are you a beauty blogger? Would you like to order temporary metallic tattoos or colorful tats and want to test free temporary sticker samples at first?

Example of Jewelry Tattoo Samples:

Free Temporary Tattoos Samples

Jewel Flash Tattoos is always happy to send you a free sample flash tattoo from our in-stock collection. Please note that you will receive free samples from us but you'll still have to pay the shipping cost.

How to Get a Free Temporary Tattoo Sample

Step 1. Please take a look at all Jewel Flash Tattoos designs here.

Step 2. Copy the links to the designs you wish to receive and paste them into a new email.

Step 3. Write a couple of words about yourself and why you are looking for a free sample.

Step 4. Send your letter to

Step 5. We will send you the invoice for shipping charges only. We will not charge you for the selected tattoos if you are a beauty blogger, wish to get a wholesale discount or looking for custom metallic tattoo orders.

Step 6. Samples will be shipped to you after the invoice is paid.

Shipping Cost

We ship body stickers from Summit, New Jersey (USA). US standard shipping is $3. Standard international shipping is $15.

Email us at and order your temporary tattoo for free now!

P.S. Beauty bloggers who wish to collaborate and review our sparkling metallic gold and silver tats, we have some special offers just for you!