Bride's Besties Tattoos

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Sparkling set of Bride's Besties tattoo that will make you shine on!

These temporary tattoos are perfect for your bachelorette party and wedding. Made of thin metallic gold foil and bright neon pink accents, our Bride's Besties fake tattoo stickers will look extremely cute with white, golden and pink party dress code.

This jewelry-inspired design will shine brightly on your skin. You'll look amazing!

It's a nice Bride's Besties tattoo set for a cool party and awesome photoshoot.

Size of tattoos: 3" x 2" sheet.

Number of desings: one Bride's Besties temporary tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

Tips: You can easily cut out the 'Bride' tattoo design from this sheet and use it as an individual sticker for the bride queen of the party. Have fun!

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