Gold Diamond Tattoo

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Aren't you beautiful like diamonds in the sky? The sparkling diamond - gold metallic temporary tattoo - looks gorgeous with golden bracelets or alone on your wrist.

Diamonds are women's best friends, aren't they? Temporary metallic gold tattoos shaped as a diamond are perfect for parties and holidays. Such a sparkling diamond tattoo will make sure you stand out and attract everyone's attention. The size is perfect to wear on wrist.

Jewel Flash Tattoos offers cute metallic gold diamond temporary tattoos for parties, inspiration, promotions.

Our jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos last for up to 6 days. You'll love your new shining look with a cute gold diamond tattoo on your skin!

Size of tattoos: 2" x 2" sheet.

Number of designs: one diamond tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

Watch 1-minute video on how to apply metallic gold diamond temporary tattoos on skin:

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