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Jewel Flash Tattoos

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Are you getting good vibes about upcoming vacation? Smile even more with the cute gold Good Vibes temporary tattoo. These motivation tattoos are designed for women who love happy sensations, smiles and positive mood.

The Good Vibes text always symbolizes positive vibrations. Wearing such temporary tattoos on your skin can inspire you for new adventures and make you feel happier throughout the day.

Add the shining gold flash tattoos to your skin and enhance your summer outfit by staying positive and sharing your good vibes with others.

Jewelry-inspired tattoo designs created by Jewel Flash Tattoos look perfect with real gold bracelets and rings. They also look great without any additional accessories. Besides, our Good Vibes temporary tattoos last for up to 6 days.

Size of tattoos: 2" x 2" sheet.

Number of designs: one gold Good Vibes tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

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