Love Pride Tattoos

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Cute set of 3 'Love' Pride temporary tattoos created in support for the famous Rainbow Flag.

Letters 'L', 'V' and 'E' are made of thin metallic gold foil that looks shiny under the sun. The letter 'O' is a small rainbow heart that honors Pride and the entire LGBT community.

The colorful Love Pride temporary tattoos are perfect for bright sunny days and pool parties, Pride Parage participants and LGBT events.

The 'Love' temporary tattoos with rainbow heart replacing 'O' letter symbolize happiness, true love, understanding and inspiration. We hope that you will also honor the Gay Rights Movement and celebrate Pride together with us!

Size of tattoos: 2" x 1.2".

Number of designs: one Love tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

Watch 1-minute video on how to apply Love Pride temporary tattoos:

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