Gold Pineapple Tattoo

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Gold pineapple tattoos are made of high quality thin metallic gold foil. These flash tattoos are designed for incredible beach parties, unforgettable summer vacation, any special occasion and simply for fun.

You'll love how these metallic temporary tattoos sparkle under the sunlight. Fake pineapples look so real on your skin. This lovely set of simple beach tattoos is perfect for any outfit you wear. Created with true love by Jewel Flash Tattoos and designed in the USA.

You'll receive 3 metallic gold pineapple tattoos to enjoy on your own or share with your friends. Temporary gold tattoos are waterproof. They can be used in pools, ocean and under the sun.

Size of individual flash tattoos: 2" x 1.2" sheet.

Number of designs: 1 metallic gold pineapple tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

Watch 1-minute video on how to apply gold pineapple temporary tattoos to skin:

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