American Flag Tattoo

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A beautiful American flag temporary tattoo is great to express your patriotism and holiday spirits. You can apply the stunning red and white USA flag tattoos to your skin for 4th of July celebrations, patriotic events, birthdays, Christmas, family holidays.

The red and blue temporary tattoos look bright and stylish. They will make you shine at the party and attract everyone's attention. The American flag design shaped into a star will fit on your hand or cheek, feet, legs, wrist, shoulder, and back.

All Jewel Flash Tattoos last for up to 6 days. Our skin stickers are easy to wear and remove.

Enjoy some must-have patriotic USA flag transferable tattoos designed for every American who is proud of our country.

Size of tattoos: 2" x 2" sheet.

A number of designs: one American flag temporary tattoo per sheet, 3 sheets total.

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