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❤ Welcome to Jewel Flash Tattoos shop! We offer in-stock temporary tattoos and are always happy to turn your logo or image into custom stickers. ❤ ❤ ❤ We are located in Summit, New Jersey (USA) and you are welcome to shop our instant tattoos inspired by fashion and jewelry from different corners of the world. We ship worldwide!

Our shop sells temporary metallic tattoos (both gold and silver) in New Jersey and across the USA, Canada, European countries, Australia and Asia. You can find amazing jewelry stickers for any special occasion, wedding ceremony, bachelorette party and birthday celebration, summer vacation, your company promotion, festivals, concerts etc.

Metallic tattoos are extremely popular among youth and adults who love to shine brightly and look hot under the sun. Thin metallic foil makes temporary tattoo stickers easy to apply and sparkle in the sun. Jewel Flash Tattoos are cute stick on accessories that only need water for successful application and oil for super fast removal.

Temporary body stickers for adults by Jewel Flash Tattoos

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✓ 24/7 customer support

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Temporary Tattoos for Adults

Our USA-based shop sells metallic gold and silver tats, neon pink, glow in the dark and pretty colorful tattoo stickers in NJ (New Jersey) and across the USA. You can find sparkling gold Team Bride flash tattoos, various fake bracelets, gold and colorful stars, cute little hearts, beach designs, red & blue sets, animal collection and other shining ideas for everyday 'sparkling' life. The cute jewelry inspired removable tattoos catch everyone's attention and look stylish with any outfit you wear.

You are welcome to shop our in-stock temporary skin stickers now!

Custom Flash Tattoos

We can help you create your personal temporary body stickers from your logo or any image. These could be amazing gold metallic tats that feature your company logo, pretty silver foil stick-on sorority tattoos, temporary colorful designs for adults and popular hashtags, bright neon and even glow in the dark transferable body jewelry for night clubs, parties and concerts.

It is possible to customize our in-stock tattoo design or create your own custom temporary tattoos from any image.

Transferable stickers for adults, youth and kids are impressive and 100% safe to wear. You just need to add some water to apply Jewel Flash Tattoos and remove them with olive oil or any oil-based substance.

We are sure you'll love our custom and in-stock shop even if you are not from New Jersey!

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