How to Take Off Gel Manicure Safely and Quickly: Interesting Tips for Women

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Either you don’t like the gel nails you got at the salon or you messed up while doing your own manicure, or one chipped and you are more than happy to fix everything – your result is the same – you should see how to take off gel nails in pictures and instructions.

I hear very often “Gel made my nails thin and fragile!” or “Don’t do gel you won’t be able to take it off after without ruining your nails!” and I have to disagree.

My nails used to layer and chip and break ALL THE TIME until I started doing gel myself. My nails are now much stronger than they used to be because they are constantly protected by the gel nail polish. Because I am so happy with the result, I would like to share my personal guide on how to take off gel nails. I believe you will find it valuable and easy-to-follow.

So what are my tips and steps to taking the gel nail polish off safely?

Here they are:

Soak off liquid, nail file, cotton balls, finger clips to take off gel nails instruction | photo

1. You will need soak off liquid, nail file, cotton balls, finger clips or foil pieces, and a good mood for better results.

Instruction how to take off gel nails with photos and description of the process

2. It is time to file the top part on each of your nails. Our second step is the only safe way to completely remove the top coat of your nail polish, which looks clear. After this manipulation, you will see how the color turns mate and looks a bit scratched.

Nails covered with cotton balls and clips to take off gel

3. Soak the cotton balls in gel nail polish remover and apply the cotton balls and cover them with a clip or wrap some foil around.

4. Wait for 14-16 minutes or act according to directions on the instructions to the gel remover.

5. Move away your clips and cotton balls. Now grab a cuticle pusher. Use the cuticle pusher to take off gel nails and being working with it from the root of the nail to the tip. It should come off (crumble off rather) without any issues!

Just don’t panic if everything seems to be complicated at this stage. You can always soak for another few minutes. Don’t worry if a few patches of color are left.

6. File the surface of our nail to remove any leftover gel (it will look like uneven spots on your nails if see through) and also “scratch” the surface of your nail if you’re planning to use gel again.

Guide to take off gel nails with tips and photos of the process

7. You’re ready to either do your manicure again with gel or regular polish or let them free.

Useful Tips:

NEVER pull the nails polish off your nails! If it does not come off easily, soak it again. Do not pull it off as this is how you ruin your nails and make them layer for a long time!

In case your nails do peel, file the layers to make them “even” at the base of the split of layers and then put gel over to seal and prevent further peeling.

I hope you likes this quick instruction on how to take off gel nails safely, easily and quickly. This worked to make my nails strong and stop them from peeling constantly.

Let us know how you take your gel polish off and if you have any tips and tricks for healthy nails.

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