Bachelorette Tattoos

Your bachelorette party or wedding must have the trendy metallic tattoo stickers. Temporary tattoos will make your special occasion even more special!

Tattoo Ideas for Wedding Party

Shop Jewel Flash Tattoos' metallic gold bachelorette tattoo ideas and make your event more stylish and sparkling. Your holiday photoshoot will be unforgettable with these bachelorette transferable stickers.

Shine brightly with Team Bride and Bride's Besties fake body stickers. Add some sparkles to you and your friends right now, create an impressive party and remember this incredible day for eternity.

Bride tattoos might look simple but they mean more than just a jewelry inspired design. Pretty gold and silver metallic tattoos become a part of your event. They bring a smile upon your face, make your guests feel the bright mood of the party and a part of your life.

Bachelorette temporary tattoos easily transfer to any skin. You can add them to your guests' hands within seconds by simply adding some water.

Jewel Flash Tattoos is happy to help you with customizing your own ideas and creating custom tattoos for your wedding or bachelorette party.