Beach Tattoos

Small beach themed tattoos always look incredible on cute women feet in flip flops. Have you already chosen your favorite temporary sticker design for ocean or swimming pool party?

Ocean Themed Tattoos

Beach metallic tattoos can be divided into several collections: ocean body stickers with cute mermaids, sea shell tats and bracelets, various water creatures and beach jewelry-inspired designs such as palm trees or delicious fruit.

You'll love gold dolphin stickers, mermaid sheet with a popular hashtag, sunny palm tree, watermelon and other wonderful Jewel Flash Tattoos to wear on the beach.

Spend an unforgettable summer vacation or make each beach party a memorable event using the waterproof temporary metallic stickers. Jewel Flash Tattoos' gold and silver jewelry designs look amazing on your bikini body while you are swimming or enjoying your tanning time on the golden sand.

Tanning with Metallic Tattoos

Unlike with regular ink tats you are not advised to cover your fake tattoo area with SPF sunblock. Why? Any oil-based creams and sprays can make your metallic tattoo quickly fade and lose its sparkle effect within hours. Besides, such creams help to remove temporary stickers.

What should you? It is better to use your suntan lotion before you start to wear the tattoo sticker. Carefully wipe the oily area on your skin before taking off the plastic cover from Jewel Flash Tattoo and applying the new sparkling design to your wrist, hand, shoulder etc. Make sure you do not spray anything besides water on your metallic tattoo while you are spending great moments on the beach.

You are welcome to turn your ideas, images and logos into custom temporary metallic tattoos with the help of our design team.