Temporary Tattoos for Adults

Jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos for adults have quickly become a popular and highly demanded accessory for hot summer days and fun beach parties.

A lot of women and men, including celebrities, from all over the world like to wear temporary tattoo stickers that are easy to apply and fast to remove.

Apply your new design by adding some water. Wait for 30 seconds and enjoy being stylish and sparkling for up to 6 days.

P.S. We should note that adult temporary tattoos made of gold and silver foil last longer than colorful fake tattoo stickers. Rainbow, pink, black, blue and other colored designs serve more as 1-3 day funzies.

Adult Temporary Tattoos

Women love to wear cute metallic gold and silver jewelry tattoos and bracelets at the beach, because temporary tattoos for adults attract everyone's attention and look super lovely and shiny in the sunlight.

At the same time, modern men also like to add some sparkles to their bodies.

Jewel Flash Tattoos has an interesting collection of trendy temporary tattoo designs, so you can always find something beautiful for yourself.

Our temporary tattoos for adults include various design ideas such as shining and pink flamingos, cute pineapples, wedding and bachelorette tattoos, animal tattoo stickers, rainbow sets, small body art and large sheets with multiple designs etc.

At Jewel Flash Tattoos, you can easily customize your own tattoos and enjoy being unique at any party!